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If you would like to become either an Associate Member or a Full Member of the Saskatoon Corvette Club follow these 3 easy steps;

1.  Create a free online account on our Saskatoon Corvette Club website

2.  Log into your new account.

3.  Go to the "Store" menu tab at the top of the Home page and choose either Full Membership or Associate Membership and buy online!  Don't forget to pick up a club T-shirt as well!

Remember!  You are not a Saskatoon Corvette Club Member until you purchase either a Full or Associate membership by following the 3 easy steps above!  If you choose to only create a user profile on our site you will be considered a "Standard Member" that only provides limited access to the website.  Please support our club and purchase a Full  or Associate Membership!  Its cheap and its easy!

If you have trouble feel free to contact us anytime!

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By admin · 1115 days ago
The Lubrication Stations are quick oil change centres from Saskatoon, SK. They are independently owned and operated. Look for them Behind the Big Yellow Doors at 1-3401 8th Street E and 614 Circle Drive E. The Lubrication Stations were established in 1995 under the name of '10 Minute Oil Change'. They have since grown to be Saskatoon's premier quick lubes. Owner Jerry Lupul has over 30 years of experience in the automotive fast lube industry. His passion and knowledge for cars is shared by his staff. Our Lube Technicians experience comes from the volume and variety of vehicles serviced on a daily/weekly/monthly basis which is rarely matched. This enables them to give advice regarding other services the customer's vehicle may need, or will soon need. Because they see underneath the vehicles in a way that only the rare driver will see the advice given includes necessary work that extends beyond the mandate of lubrication systems. The Stations and the staff know that their advice and services will avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future because they have frequently witnessed such problems too late for them to be able to correct. Our staff want to help customers keep their vehicle operating at its optimum level, and give them the security that their vehicles' fluid system is in the most capable hands in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. As Jerry always says, "End of Story"